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Enterprise Cloud Strategy Committee



The Committee issued its Recommendations on Enterprise Cloud Strategy in December 2017 and reported back to the ITLC and the CIO.


Committee Charter

Develop an enterprise-wide cloud infrastructure strategy that meets Rutgers University's research, clinical, academic and administrative IT needs.

Our Goals

  • Create a "consider cloud" strategy for the Rutgers University community by:
    • Managing and simplifying vendor relationships, payment, and contracting
    • Simplifying technical engagement with cloud vendors on all levels
    • Fostering and organizing the development of cloud communities and knowledge base
    • Commoditizing cloud infrastructure where possible to allow for simple analysis and comparison for strategic cloud engagement
    • Creating a University-endorsed cloud infrastructure service, meeting current and evolving security and regulatory standards
  • Help IT staff reduce cost and footprint by engaging with cloud vendors where appropriate
  • Create simple, easy to use documentation and training to assist staff in building and migrating cloud infrastructure

Recommendations of the Enterprise Cloud Strategy Committee

The Committee Recommendations Report can be read here: Cloud Strategy Committee Recommendations (PDF).